Michael J. Fox to visit Jacksonville

Actor speaking at Florida Forum


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Michael J. Fox will be in Jacksonville for the 2014-2015 Florida Forum speaker series.

The series is produced by The Women's Board of Wolfson Children's Hospital and benefits the Pediatric Surgery Center of Distinction.

The forum will be held at the Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts in Jacksonville.

The 23rd season opens on October 13, 2014 with Fox, who will discuss his iconic film and TV characters and how his diagnosis with Parkinson's disease at age 29 changed his outlook on life.

Political power couple James Carville and Mary Matalin will speak on November 12, 2014 for a post-midterm-election analysis as well as a behind-the-scenes look at Washington politics.

The season concludes on February 10, 2015, with former USCYBERCOM Commander and NSA Director Gen. Keith B. Alexander, USA (Ret.) and former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III. Both recently holding top government posts, these experts will share their perspectives on national and cybersecurity, its impact on our lives and the nation.

The Florida Forum will contribute funds for program and clinical equipment needs as part of a 5-year, $4 million pledge supporting the Pediatric Surgery Center of Distinction.  

The center will assure access to the most advanced pediatric surgical services and technologies available, enable the most skilled surgical staff to work on advancing surgical techniques, expand the use of minimally invasive and robotic surgery, and help the hospital meet the needs of pediatric trauma patients.

Tickets are now available in various subscription packages.

For more information or to purchase, visit www.thefloridaforum.com or call (904) 202-2886.