Trace of marijuana found at day care


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Department of Children and Families is investigating after a trace amount of marijuana was found at an Orange Park day care.

An employee of Sunshine Academy on Foxridge Road found the trace of 0.1 gram of marijuana, and DCF spokesman John Harrell said the facility ordered all of its employees to be drug tested.

"There was a situation that occurred at our school and immediate action was taken," Christina Quang, owner and director of the day care, said in a statement. "It was investigated internally and it was found that no staff members were involved. An additional investigation by DCF has also occurred. I was notified we took all appropriate measures to make sure, and our staff members acted quickly and responsibly to the matter.

"At Sunshine Academy we have a wonderful staff who always put the children in their care first. I am extremely proud of them for how quickly they reacted to the situation. They are a wonderful group of teachers who would never put any child in harms way and I know that the parents of the children at our school feel the same way."

Harrell said one employee tested positive for marijuana. There is no word if the day care is taking action against that employee.

"When DCF would have the authority to take action is if someone was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and they were unable to protect children," Harrell said. "It would have to rise to that level for us to have the legal authority to take action."

Harrell said the marijuana was found by an employee, but there is no word who may have brought the marijuana. Harrell said the marijuana was found on the floor.

Harrell said it would be rare to close a facility after something like that happens.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office also investigated, but closed the case without filing any charges.

Harrell said the day care has not had any major violations in the last two years.