Pratt Guys latest trailer theft victims

7 stolen in 2-mile radius of Southside this year

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Seven trailers have been stolen this year in a two-mile radius of Butler Boulevard and Philips Highway on the Southside, according to Jacksonville police.

Sometime this past weekend, one was taken from family-owned contracting company Pratt Guys.


Some of the trailers stolen cost more than $10,000. The Pratt Guys think it's the same person poaching them, and they want everyone to know the thief is out there.

"Had the tongue lock on it, had all the locks on the outside all on it, for all the doors," Adam Pratt said. "We were very fortunate that we had no tools in the trailer at that time."

The Pratt Guys were a crowd favorite at the One Spark festival in April, taking sixth place overall. They showed off their custom-made outdoor spaces, and their business has taken off since then.

The Pratt Guys say the trailer was 16 feet long and 8 1/2 feet tall. It was brand new, and they hadn't yet put their logo on it.


"It's not cheap," Pratt said. "At least the trailer, yes it can be replaced, but the items inside cannot be replaced."

In total, they say they lost about $15,000.

The Pratt Guys say they know a lot of trailers have been lifted from the area. All of them have either been straight white or black. Apparently that's what the thieves want. They don't want any trailers with logos or phone numbers on them.

"Whoever is stealing these trailers, this is not his first trailer," Pratt said.

He said now his family-run business is taking steps to keep the trailer theft from happening again. They're installing more security measures and say it should be a warning for other companies in the area.

"You know, if they wanted, they are going to try to do anything they can to get it," Pratt said. "However, try to fence in your area with the privacy fence where they can't see through, keep everything locked."

The Pratt Guys believe, based on other crimes, that the person who stole their trailer was driving a lifted white pickup truck, possibly a Ford. They ask anyone with information to call them or Jacksonville police at 904-630-0500.