Bullet goes through fire station window, into chair

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Police are investigating after a shot was fired into Fire Station 7 in Northwest Jacksonville.

The bullet went through a window of the station in the 2400 block of Division Street and lodged in a recliner sometime overnight Monday.

Firefighters at the station said the shattered window was discovered at about 12:30 p.m.

No firefighters were hurt, but the recliner where the bullet landed is frequently occupied when they are not out on a call.

"Directly behind the recliner is the kitchen table. That's where everyone would sit in the morning time or at night for breakfast or dinner," said JFRD Division Chief Curtis Wilson.


"Directly behind that is a sheet rock wall that has an officer's room, so absolutely a bullet could have definitely penetrated that wall and made its way into one of the crews' rooms."

Wilson said that when the department recently replaced the roof of this building and when they did that they found lots of bullets on top of the building most likely from celebratory gunfire.

He also says this isn't the first time that a fire station or rescue unit has been shot. A couple weeks ago a rescue unit was hit by a bullet while driving on the Southside.