Oklahoma company unveils 'Body-Guard Blanket'

Blanket protects against 90 percent of weapons


An Oklahoma company called ProTecht has come up with a way to protect children at school in the event of a mass shooting or natural disaster.

The Body-Guard Blanket is a bulletproof, five-sixteenths-inch pad made from materials used by the military. 

The blanket was made to be bullet resistant and act as a protective body cover to be used during tornadoes and damaging weather. 

The blanket can act as a shield and protects against 90 percent of all weapons, as well as withstand any objects moving at 200 mph.

While it's unclear when or if these blankets will appear in schools, ProTecht said they are priced at under $1,000, but will be offered at a discounted rate to schools and nonprofit organizations.

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