Crab house, pizza place, BBQ joint fail inspections

Restaurant Report Card breaks down violations that could get your sick

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A crab house, pizza place and a BBQ joint all failed recent inspections.  There is also a restaurant that's a repeat offender on this week's Restaurant Report Card cited with violations very similar to the last time we covered them.

First Celis Crab House on University Boulevard had the most high priority violations on the list: nine.   Most of the problems had to do with food temperature. Shrimp and crab was way to warm to be considered safe.  It was anywhere from ten to 20 degrees too warm.  They also had to throw out some eggs because they were sitting out in an area of the kitchen that was 80 degrees.

Renna's Pizza on Nautica Drive was cited with four violations that could put your health at risk.   Two that were easily fixed but show just how serious the state is about your health. 

Employees stored motor oil and sanitizer on a shelf over food and clean pizza pie pans.  According to the rules, these things have to be separated.  Renna's was also warned for an expired license that they'll have to renew right away.

Woody's Bar B-Q on University Boulevard South had four high priority violations.  Three had to do with food temperature. 

They had to throw out collard greens with pork that were cooked the day before but hadn't been cooled properly.  That's a violation that could cause a food borne illness.  The inspector also found some dead roaches but none were alive which means the inspector felt there was not an active bug problem and they have it under control.

Finally Wild Wing Café on Southside Boulevard near Tinseltown  is back on the restaurant report card.  The inspector once again found roach excrement near the bar entrance of the kitchen and dried rodent droppings in the to-go room and liquor closet.  It was cleaned up by the manager and the staff started to clean the area with the waste.  They didn't find any live or dead roaches in the restaurant.

The restaurant was cleared of the problems a couple days after being warned.

We did get an email from the general manager at Wild Wing Café inviting our cameras into her kitchen.  We're going to bring you that story next week.

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