Deputies rescue raccoon with plastic container on head


FLAGLER BEACH, Fla. – Deputies in Flagler County were able to rescue a raccoon with a plastic peanut butter container stuck on its head.

Deputies and Animal Control officers located the raccoon in a tree at Wadsworth Park in Flagler Beach on Wednesday.

"As the raccoon peered at the deputy through the plastic jar, Deputy (Steve) Williams bravely climbed a ladder to his rescue," a news release reads. "Due to the raccoon being scared, he scurried across the tree branch and jumped to another tree making his capture even more difficult."


Firefighters used a hose to spray the raccoon with water as Williams and others held a tarp on the ground below. The raccoon fell safely from the tree onto the tarp but evaded capture by running from the rescuers.

Once rescuers caught the raccoon, they removed the plastic container and released the animal back into the wild.

"The actions of Deputy Williams and all other rescue personnel saved this raccoon from certain death," said Sheriff James Manfre. "Residents should not feed wild animals and should use caution when encountering them."

Residents may report injured or sick animals to Animal Control Services by calling 386-986-2520.