MAD DADS hosts vigil for slain cab driver

Family, friends look for answers in Stuart Carson's death

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The crime fighting organization MAD DADS hosted a vigil to remember a cab driver murdered on the Northside last Saturday.  

Stuart Carson, 43, was sitting inside his Gator City Taxi cab on West 27th Street when he was shot and killed early Saturday morning.

Kelly Redington Carson said that as a taxi driver her husband worked unusual hours. He did everything he could to not interrupt her sleep. She said he was caring, loving, and always put his four children first. 

Stuart Carson, 43, was a father of four.
Stuart Carson, 43, was a father of four.

"He was unusual sleeper. He would sleep on the couch so I could get my rest and work and take care of the kids. He was very thoughtful like that. He did everything he could for us," said Kelly Carson.

Stuart Carson's 12-year-old daughter, Kayla, wears his glasses to remember him and said her family can't fully move on until her daddy's killer is caught.

"I just really want these bad guys to get caught, because I miss my daddy and I love him and I just hope they go to jail. I hope they find them," Kayla Carson said.

Kelly Carson told Channel 4 Friday night she couldn't believe how many people came to be part of the vigil honoring her husband.

"I wasn't expecting this many people," said Kelly Carson.

The crowd gathered into a cul-de-sac on the edge of Brentwood park where Carson's husband was killed.

"I really don't like coming out here, but doing it for my husband," said Carson. "It's important to keep this going so whoever did this can get caught. My husband didn't deserve this and the kids didn't either."

Family and friends first held a candlelight vigil in Stuart Carson's honor Friday night, then started walking, going door-to-door handing out fliers. The group is hoping someone can provide answers as to who lured the cab driver to the area and killed him.

"I think it's crap that people won't go out there and work for a living. Got to go out and take somebody who only has 40 to 50 bucks on them," said cab driver John Amlaner.

Amlaner showed up for the vigil and MAD DADS walk because he knows the dangers of the job.

"Everybody realizes, it could have been them. And (they) show up to support the family. I would want people to support my family if it happened to me," said Amlaner.

MAD DADS helped organize the vigil and walk Friday night. The group also feels strongly that someone knows who killed Stuart Carson.

"The goal tonight is to get the message out to all of Jacksonville that if they have any information, please call Crime Stoppers," said MAD DADS President Donald Foy. "We know somebody knows something, the individuals who did it. Someone who lives here might have heard something."

Anyone with information that could lead police to an arrest is being asked to call Crime Stoppers at  1-866-845-TIPS.  

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