Dying man gets wish to visit forest again

A former forest ranger, 'Ed' hadn't been outside in years

(Evergreen Hospice Volunteers)

A former forest ranger near death got his final wish recently -- to return to the outdoors.

The Washington state man, identified only as Ed, hadn't been outside in years because it was too difficult to transport him, according to Evergreen Hospice Volunteers.

When he was healthy, Ed worked as a forest ranger and "had lived for the outdoors."

He told hospice chaplain Curt Huber he wanted to go outside one last time, and Huber worked with local firefighters to make it happen.

A crew from the Snohomish County Fire District  escorted Ed to Meadowland Beach Park on Puget Sound, carting him in on his hospital bed.

Ed was "delighted," according to a Facebook post by Evergreen Hospice Volunteers.

"Together, the group took Ed up and down the trails, bringing him the scents of the forest by touching the fragrant growth and bringing their hands close to Ed's face," the post read.