Gary L. Koniz

NPA candidate for 4th Congressional District


Age: 68

Family: Kathleen

Occupation: Journalist/correspondent

Education: B.A. in Journalism/Humanities - Summa Cum Laude

Political experience:  40 years as an in depth; local, state, and national political commentator, press aid/correspondent to various legislators, and labor lobbyist

What do you see as the top three issues in this race?

  • The Survivability of the American Middle Class in terms of the nature and the state of the U.S. Economy pending Economic Reforms for an Immediate Prevailing Wage Legislation beginning with the Cost of Living Wage to replace the Minimum Wage.
  • The sovereign future of American United States and the White Race of European Origins in terms of Third World Overrun and Inter-racial procreation become the norm
  • The immediate Military Eradication of Heroin and other Deadly Drugs from the environs of The United States and the return of the Nation's High Moral Standards.

  • Why should people vote for you?   The Public should vote for me because, having been intimately involved for the past forty years in the problems facing the American Nation and our People under God, The Creator, I know what needs to get done, I know how to get it done, and I know who to be involved with in the power structures, in the terms of personal connections, to handle the specifics of the different jobs at hand to accomplish. 
    I am not a politician aiming just to get elected in that sense and meaning of the word.  I am offering my valued services to the constituency of the 4th District FL to represent them in the process of National Reconstruction; to address what specific issues which are wrong that there are, and to come up with viable solutions, not to be discussed in generalities.

    The gist of our cause in its totality to architecturally arrange our collective way of life here to establish a Great Society for everyone in our United States of America, in our time, arises from the duty of each of us to do justice to others and to the Earth and to all the life abounding here.

    The old adage of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) is displaced in modern times by society's need to protect innocent people and the innocent in general from suffering loss as a result of unjustly enriching others. The weakness of the person needing protection may be ignorance, inability to understand, or misplaced trust - whether or not the one benefitting is aware of the wrong.

    This duty each of us owes to all others arises from moral, social, domestic, and personal obligations imposed by equity in our courts. It is from this common law duty of fairness and the need to protect innocent people from the consequence of their own weakness that the cause of action for constructive fraud or unjust enrichment was created by our courts.

    With this in mind let us here proceed with the entirety of the Plan, coined The Ten Point Plan, of what we are to accomplish as agreed to in advance as one proposed idea, to remodel the Social Attitudes of The United States with and by our proposed agendas here-forth described.

    1.  We are To Restore the Integrity of The Indigenous Sovereignty to The Native American Indians as a first priority In Grateful Acknowledgement to The Native American Indians and In Issue of National Honor and To Be Forevermore Resolved In Permanent Resolution, as Primary Foundation to The Nation of The United States of America that was created to the soil of The Homelands of The Indigenous Native American Indian Nation Tribes, and as They Exist as a Federation, that a Treaty Covenant of Native American Indian Sovereignty and Heritage, is to exist in enduring and mutual respect between The United States Government and The Great North American Indian Tribal Federation on a permanent basis.

         And to the honoring of The Indigenous North American Indians, who are to be so accorded The Vested Primacy of The Indigenous Sovereign here to the soil and territory of The United States proper, as such Treaty Covenant is set down to be described as: The Great North American Indian Sovereignty Covenant Treaty Agreement; of Permanent Constitutional Record in mandate of Mutual Compact, it is agreed that this Covenant is forever to exist between the two separate and lawfully abiding Nations constituting of The People of The Native American Indian Federation and Their Tribal Nations, and of The People of The United States of America and Its Government, inclusive and intertwined of one another as they stand, in Shared Territorial Arrangement and Influence Defined, as to the stating of Dual Sovereignty Arrangement in agreement unto The Heartlands of The Native American Indians, and unto the established Territory of The American People and their Government The United States, as they are mutually destined in permanently binding arrangement to co-exist intertwined extensively to and among one another in residing. 

         And that of such Treaty Covenant that is also separately to exist in permanently binding agreement between The United States Government and each of the individual States of The Union, with Each of The Indigenous Sovereign Native American Indian Tribal Nations residing on their restricted Reservations currently to such respective State's Jurisdictions.

    a. And as to specific to inclusion of the Indigenous Sovereign Lands once belonging in their outright state to the various Native American Indian Tribes, that those Sovereign Territories be depicted to all Federal and State Maps of The United States coextensively.

    2. Undertake the War On Drugs as a real War of deadly intent upon America and upon American Lives at stake for its sure resolution under conflict.  And to understand that these drugs and dangerous chemicals in the unmitigated hands of those who commit the crime of treason to traffic in and to wield them as weapons in terror upon the American Population, are responsible for the mass murder of Americans and to the infliction of deadly harm upon the population and our society in the terms of their generate crime and corruption.  This is to be accomplished by two methods.

    a.  Decriminalizing Drug and Substance Abuse for the casual addicted users and render the matter as a Medical Issue to be handled by Quarantined Detoxification Rehabilitation.

    b.  Rendering the Intervention for the Growing, Producing, Refining, and Smuggling Trafficking of Illegal Drugs and Banned Chemical Substances into the hands of The United States Military operating under Central Command for remedy by Intercession of Martial Law upon the whole of the United States and its Territories of Interest with unlimited Search and Destroy Warrants based to Obviousness of Suspicion and to be Tried by Military Tribunals for Summary Judgment and Immediate Execution.

    c.  And among other measures against any Organized Crime Occurring and concerning the ongoing state of war in such concern requiring the use of Military Force To Curtail in the interests of the Public Safety in stern warning.  It is so stated to be worded, that any and all major type involvement in conspiracy to the category of Opium-Heroin and other Illegal Drugs and Controlled Substances, to any part of their, growing, producing, refining, manufacturing, smuggling transportation, and trafficking, and to any conspiracy involvement in the matter most gravely worded to any foul-play occurring in conjunction with the trafficking in Narcotics and other Illegal Drugs and Controlled Substance Chemicals, or gravely worded with regards to any Drug-Chemical Warfare Sabotage occurring against innocent American Lives as victims, with such Drugs and Controlled Substance Chemicals in peril of deadly harm and detriment to The American Public in subversive design, be such subversive sabotage publicly en masse perpetrated or privately conducted, or to there existing any other aspect of criminality directly occurring that is associated to or in connection to Drugs and Controlled Substances, in nature of criminal war-faring aggression with being perpetrated en masse for racial or ethnically motivated crime, or to foreign national plots so formulated conceived, by the means of Drugs and Controlled Substances to attack The American Nation and Its People, or to any other clandestine motives of such attack, so as to being perpetrated privately or publicly against The People of The  United States of America in concept of overthrow of The United States for Criminal Motive or for any other Motive, in the use of Drugs and Controlled Substance Chemicals as weapons to such ends, that it is so hereby rendered and Constitutionally worded, that such offenses are to be remanded to The High Crime of Treason, and subject to Capital Punishment for the offense.

    d.    Be it so further noted, that a State of Conditional War, until it is abated, is ever to exist with and be waged in intervention to against any Foreign Government of The Earth that is engaged in the conduct of Illegal and Clandestine Drug Trafficking or Controlled Substance Chemicals Operations Smuggling into this Nation, as to, growing, producing, refining, manufacturing, smuggling and trafficking activities, being actively and in sustained measure engaged in, regardless of their existing any direct Foreign Government Involvement with such high crimes or no, to do with the harboring and non-intervention of such criminal activities resulting in the exportation/smuggling and trafficking into The United States of any Drugs or Controlled Substance Chemicals, to exist in grave peril in detriment to The People of The United States and effecting the overall Security of The Nation withal, in jeopardy of the lives at stake of innocent American Citizenry, and for our Nation's children's sake in prevention, and to do with the aspect of premeditated Drug-Chemical Warfare sabotage in design of perpetration to food and beverages and by atmospheric contamination incidentally associated to drug use, handling, or trafficking, or deliberately perpetrated by atmosphere, resulting in the physical maiming incapacitation of any American or in the psychiatric jeopardy of detriment against American Lives in issue.  And which Drug-Chemical Warfare is henceforth so classified to be regarded in the same category as Conventional Military Chemical Warfare Weaponry, and to what that such exigency of War Clause Action is deemed necessary to preclude.

    3.  The Right Formula for Peace and Prosperity in Our Time: Calls For a Fair Deal Gainful Prevailing Middle Class Wage Legislation with an Anti-Trust Fair Price Cost of Living Regulation Agreement, an Affordable Graduated FICA Payroll Deducted National Health
    and Dental Care Plan, and for Full Faith Fiat Issue; On Demand, To Fund Our Government
    and To Preclude Fiscal Deficit by Issuing Taxation Shortfall directly from the Federal
    Reserve instead of borrowing it at excessively high rates of interest; that will, in all, Produce
    the Consumer Purchasing Power We Need for Economic Vitality, Growth, and Stability.

    It is obvious to us all that our modern day Government needs more income revenues in
    public responsibility to maintain itself than it is capable of taking-in under Supply and
    Demand GNDP Taxation; and it is also clear that we cannot continue to incur untenable and catastrophic Nation Debt to what Fiat Issue, that is based upon the Full Faith in integrity
    of The United States and Its Amassed Wealth and Resources, is the only Intelligent Solution.

    Full Faith Certificate Issue to meet the needs of our Government and to Provide for the Public Well-Being; is to be respected in Sound Economic Recovery Policy, as "Legitimate Currency," to augment any Federal Deficit Budget Shortfall; to meet Federal Payroll Necessity, Provide Work for the Nations Unemployed, Fund for Disaster Relief and for other Emergency Crisis Issues affecting; Education, the Environment, and U.S. Agriculture, and to Augment failing City and State Budgets in their own regard of these matters in yearly contingency; and is not designed to replace "Hard Currency," for the purchase of Goods and Services in the Private Sector, that is derived from the Nation's Gross National/Domestic Product Taxation, GNDP, to what the Value of our U.S. Dollars is configured.  Hard Currency will be used in all U.S. money dealings with Private Sector Contractors, Foreign Governments, and for the Repayment of our National Debt.  Sound Economic Analysis calculates that 1/4 (One Forth) of the Nation's yearly Budget can be supplanted with Full Faith Issue without harm to the Value of the Dollar; (that in turn will be "Reabsorbed," back into the Federal, State, and Municipal Treasuries by taxation to further "Strengthen" our U.S. Budgetary Future,) and as well as to provide Needed Economic Stimulus.

    a.  Initiate a Resolution for the Immediate Use of Full Faith Certificate Issue to meet the needs of our Government and to Provide for the Public Well-Being; that is to be respected in Sound Economic Recovery Policy, as "Legitimate Currency," to augment any Federal Deficit Budget Shortfall in this emergency contingency; to meet Federal Payroll Necessity, Provide Work for the Nations Unemployed, Fund for Disaster Relief and for other Emergency Crisis Issues affecting; Education, the Environment, and U.S. Agriculture, and to Augment failing City and State Budgets in their own regard of these matters in yearly contingency; and is not designed to replace "Hard Currency," for the purchase of Goods and Services in the Private Sector, that is derived from the Nation's Gross National/Domestic Product Taxation, GNDP, to what the Value of our U.S. Dollars is configured.  Hard Currency will be used in all U.S. money dealings with Private Sector Contractors, Foreign Governments, and for the Repayment of our National Debt.  Sound Economic Analysis calculates that 1/4 (One Forth) of the Nation's yearly Budget can be supplanted with Full Faith Issue without harm to the Value of the Dollar; (that in turn will be "Reabsorbed," back into the Federal, State, and Municipal Treasuries by taxation to further "Strengthen" our U.S. Budgetary Future,) and as well as to provide Needed Economic Stimulus.

    b.  In furthering the conditions in requirement to Fiat Issue Currency Generation, it is also to be reasoned that in order to promote the general well-being and to preclude runaway inflation as a result, termed Hyper-Inflation, occurring by the regular and periodic release as required, of Primary Issue Currency, named Full Faith Certificate, that The Nation's Federal Reserve is to establish and to maintain in scrutiny and by Its policy Directives Enforced, to The Federalized Standardization of The Wage/Price Index. 

    c. And that this measure is to be conducted and carried out by strict and binding Federal Mediation Arbitration in the year to year, conditioned to regulate and stabilize The Nation‘s Wages, by uniform parity agreement based to The Federal Government's (GS) General Schedule Wage Standards, and else way by special arrangement of union negotiated wage scales specifically conducted, to set the yearly wages for each category of employment to exist in America, in index of The Prevailing Wages to be set and monitored for to coincide with each sector of private employment categories.  And that such Prevailing Wages for each Job Description to exist are to be posted by The United States Department Of Labor, which is to be charged with the responsibility for enforcement.

    d.  And of which condition that is also to regulate for a Fair Price Index Agreement, to concern with in Government Stipulation to every Cost Essential Necessity To Survival of The Public Well-Being in the interest of the public need, to do with, food, shelter, clothing, fuel, transportation, household necessities, vital services, insurance, medical and dental services, and other Cost Essentials, and what does not specify for any luxury items to be included.  And that The Pricing to these Cost of Living Essentials are to be regulated by mediation as with the wage index, in similar cognition, as The Utilities, Telecommunications, The Postal Service, and Public Transportation Services Are Regulated, and conceived to have license to operate, In The Public Interest, under Federal Government Supervision.

    4.  The Moral Code of The United States is always to remain permanently established to the cherished and familiar National Standards in intent of The Christian Moral Values in display unto which this Nation was founded, and which continue in determination of The American Tradition in those regards, adhering to The Family Foundation of Strong National Stability, and to the stance of discouraging promiscuity and lascivious, as otherwise immoral public display of conduct resulting in the immoral degeneracy of the public at large, overpopulation, social deprivation, child abuse from unwanted pregnancies resulting, and to unholy abortion practice in these times, to be eliminated and replaced by the stabilizing promotion of strong family reinforcing values of parenthood and in support of the work ethic, and to proper sexual conduct, publicly displayed, to be manifested henceforth as The National Social Policy.

    a.  Unequivocally it is also to be understood in National Moratorium of Constitutionally Mandate, concerning the status of Depraved Immorality present here to this Nation, as concerns, The Organization, Production, Pandering, Distribution, and Sales, of Smut-Pornography, and as concerns Organized Prostitution, in morally degenerate orientation and in detriment of moral and subversive peril to The People and resulting in the break-down of The Family Unity in stability of The United States, and for our Nation's Children's sake for their proper nurturing in well-being, and as effects The Security of The Nation in undermine of instability, that these issues are not permitted further to exist here in The United States in stand of principle.

    b.  That no demonstrations of lewd, immoral, licentious, vulgar, profane prurient behavior, and nor to any open public displays, as to public bathing or else-way, or to media orientation displays depicted by film, television, or printed materials of any kind, or through other media types or theatrical performances promoted, or as by film, video depiction of indecent pornographic exposure or otherwise prurient behavior of lewd sexual content, to include for the INTERNET in these times, as being visible to the public eye in criteria of offense, which are furthermore not allowed in being permitted here to The Jurisdiction and Territory of The United States.

    c.  And as what in National Standard of Categorical Criteria of Decency is to prohibit also any graphic live enacting of real or portrayed depictions of sex with animals and abhorrent violence and cruelty of torture trill killing known in the Pornography Industry as "Snuff Films." 

    d.  The Human Fetus is to be defined as a Living Human Being to be protected by The United States Constitution in all matter except as defined for cases of; Rape, Statutory Rape, Incest, Birth Defect, and/or to Protect and Preserve the Life of the Mother, or her Sanity.

    e.  The Mercy of Euthanasia is to be permitted when all know recognition of Human Life and/or Cognitive Intelligence is absent, and as not to be kept alive in a vegetative state.

    5.   In keeping to America's Commitment To Provide a Fair and Well Regulated Economy, and to be supported by Full Faith Fiat Currency from The Federal Treasury affirming The Right To Life Supportive and Gainful Livelihood Provided to Each Person residing in the jurisdiction of The United States of America, As A Fundamental Right in The Fortress of National Foundation, whether they be classified as U.S. Citizens or otherwise as Legal Alien Status, that a Bureau of Employment is to be henceforth established to be managed under the supervision and directorship of The U.S. Department of Labor.
         And which Bureau of Employment is to be sponsored for in faith to the major funding required for this project by The Issuance of Special Fiat Monetary Full Faith Certificate in Work Barter Arrangement of sound economic measure as required in Special Priority Contingency Issuance to the offset of any private taxation short-fall occurring to the successful fulfillment of Providing Full Quality Employment Capacity and life supporting care to The Nation's People in criteria in return for The Vital and Necessary Public Services to be rendered in Barter Relief to the behalf of The Nation's Unemployed and Underemployed in Government Responsibility.
         And as such, that this measure is to provide comprehensive suitable employment assurance guarantee to every unemployed and underemployed person residing here in The United States.  And which is a grave issue in conscience to be categorically resolved on a permanent basis, in remedy to the longstanding grievance of chronic unemployment to exist occurring to a high percentage of the population involving the primary survival of the population at issue.  Who have been, and who are at odds with the condition of unemployment/underemployment that has been left unresolved to date.

    6.  As regards the Nation's stature in fundamental care for Its Citizenry abiding, concerning the priority necessities of Health, Education, and Welfare in The United States, and contingent to Special Fiat Issue Full Faith Certificate Priority in guarantee of Financial Subsidies withstanding to meet with all foundation necessities of expense, it is so worded in stipulation,  :      

    a.  That each person residing in America, regardless of citizenship status, is to be provided The Right in full reassurance of Basic Health and Dental Care Coverage Guarantee, regardless of anyone's personal ability to finance.  And otherwise that all persons having ample income resources to finance such Basic Health Care are to be provided coverage by a not for profit Government Managed National Health Care Plan to be financed for through their Federal Internal Revenue Service, I.R.S., payroll deductions in full utilization of the entire U.S. population base at minimum expense to each taxpayer based to a fluctuating scale, increasing with yearly income, of deductions based upon their income.


    b.  That all of The Nation's Hospitals and Medical Service Providers, to include Medical and Dental Physician's Services in The United States are hereby in effect Nationalized, as rendered to be under The Imminent Domain in Jurisdiction of The United States Department Of Health, and are thusly specified to operate Not For Unfair Profit, entrusted to the care and safekeeping of ethical propriety, and such to be strictly managed for the purposes of the Public Welfare In Trust, concerning the prioritized seriousness of the health and well-being of the people entrusted to their care of these services, and otherwise of the life and death issues involved regarding The National Health Care status of the public regard, which cannot withstand corruption nor to tolerate for any blatant idea of profiteering price gouging to occur in further extortion to these matters for the sake of life.


    c.   The Right To Basic Education is also ensured to every person in The United States in affording everyone the opportunity of being able to obtain a basic standard education, of primary and secondary education criteria, and beyond to be provided for as well with ample tuition subsidy, to attend Trade Schools, or Public Universities regardless of personal ability to finance.


    d.   The Right to Emergency Survival Relief Necessity, to basic shelter, clothing, and food subsidy shall be maintained in the public regard, and is guaranteed to each person in America through The U.S. Department of Social Services, regardless of citizenship, as a fundamental Human Rights Issue.

    e.  In concern for the welfare of the children of this Nation whose lives are in jeopardy of financial hardship, and as concerns the practice of abortion as well on financial hardship issue, it is also and importantly so noted for in this section, that emergency contingency and sustained financial and medical support in relief for pregnant females shall be provided and maintained in priority basis through the auspices of The U.S. Social Services Department, in upholding any pregnant female's need of public assistance in such times, for pre-natal support and for early childhood development care on a special and mandatory priority basis of concern for the good and well-being of such expectant mothers and their child, in special recognition to each child‘s critical prenatal care and early formative development, to the ensuring of critical support of mothering females and their offspring in nurturing.
         And that such regard for the sanctity of life of the unborn and developing infants and in concern for the health and well-being of their mothers is considered vital to the integrity of The Nation, and that such measure is undertaken for the enduring good of The Nation as well in the ensuring of sound mental and physical health of the population and to the providing of quality citizenship for a Democracy of Excellence on into the future for The Common Good.

    f.    That ample grant subsidies for The Arts, Theater, Literature, and Music are also to be generously provided for and maintained in the sophisticated tradition of our Nation's Culture as well to The People's behalf.  And that ample financing is to be ensured through the auspices of The United States Government in support to finance the advancement of necessary Scientific and Medical Research and for other types of Vital Research considered.  So worded.

    7.  The United States is to purpose in immediate and enduring character of permanency, The National Agency of The Federal Pollution Control and Monitor Authority, to be managed under the strict supervision and directives of The National Environmental Protection Agency.
         And of what Federal Agency that is to be funded in part or entirely as mandated for in absolute necessity by the monetary issuance of special prioritized Full Faith Certificate Fiat Monetary Generation.  That is to function of its use here to provide for critical pollution remedy and control monitoring regarding the health and safety of the population and the for the protection of the overall environment from irreversible damage in emergency contingency, as all special prioritized Full Faith Certificate to be rendered by Congress in legal tender is arranged to do.  Furthermore, the goals that This Nation faces in challenge to meet of Its daily necessities and emergency crisis situations in social obligations, lie far beyond and have a far great value than the source of the money, soundly reasoned, and the quibbling over money, needed to fund for The Critical Programs of State in benefit to The Earth, The Nation, and Its People, to be reckoned for.  Life and The Quality of All Life are the issues here.

    a.    All nuclear hazard of a catastrophically destructive nature is to be permanently safeguarded within the jurisdiction of The United States and Its Territories abroad, and concerning to the rest of The Earth in U.S. Policy Influence in mandate to be so abolished forthwith also, with urgency to be accomplish in a sustained and unilateral disarmament, concerning all nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and which is to specify for any types of gas-chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction to exist as well which are such to be abolished.  And for which matters that The United States and all of Its Allies Abroad could ethically never make use of and ultimately who would never have the intention of ever using.
         To what reality concerning that the continuing on of such stockpiling of these bizarre weapons of total and irreconcilable mass destruction of The Earth, effecting in severest outcome of catastrophic detriment to the biosphere and to the destruction of The Earth's Population in The Interests of Our Nation's Defense, is pointless in an absurd way of concerned judgment to such matter, and is as such to be forthrightly and permanently discontinued.
         Furthermore, in banning the enduring hazard of nuclear radio-active material currently in use for nuclear power generation, and for medical radiation treatment, and concerning for any nuclear research being conducted with such material, it is so ordered as well at this time to be phased out and discontinued of its use as urgently required as is feasible.  And that all urgency of dire concern is to be conducted to the removal and safe disposal and containment of all contaminated radio-active waste material and to its permanent safe repository in an environmentally secure location into the future.
         Capital Grant Funding is as well to be made available with urgency for research and technology to sponsor in the development of alternate clean and efficient energy sources of solar, wind, and hydro power, and to development of clean energy synthetic fuels.

    b. The Ecology of The United States and subsequently of The Earth is to be ensured absolute protection within the jurisdiction of The United States and Its Dominions of Territory and Influence.  Wildlife and Flora Species of Life are to be furnished Sanctuary Ideal in their natural settings of The Nation's National, State Parks Lands, and Oceanic Preserves, and otherwise of lands held in private trust interest of an environmentally and ecologically sensitive nature that are to be established and preserved in safeguard of eminent domain status of soundly reasoned Ecological and Environmental Necessity In The National Interest as required. 
         And of what ideal is to be globally rendered of influence in such regard and respect for any endangered wildlife habitat and flora preservation necessary to the biosphere.  And in all regard that all manner in kind of endangered species of wildlife and flora life are to be secured from extinction and the biosphere of The Planet provided complete and enduring protection in absolute trust in ethical provision to the coexisting arrangement of suitable habitat and environment for all forms of life.

    c.  There is no greater social contract to fulfill than to safeguard, in context of absolute security, for the life abounding of The Earth's Biosphere and Its Habitation, as we as a society in ethical name have a responsibility for, and to ensure the health and well-being of the people and to the ultimate survival of all life in permanency for the long future ahead to come.  And which is beyond the concept of mere money to accomplish.

    8.  In keeping faith to the ideals for which this Nation stands, a National Standard of Humane Rights Resolution is hereby defined and enforced for The Protection of Every Species of Animals In Safekeeping under the domain of jurisdiction of The United States in character from Cruel and Inhumane Treatment.  To be such instated in working order of our National Ethos in respectful and mindful caring for the other forms of life to exist here and for The National Good in conscience as a Moral Nation in obligation and for the behalf of the emotional composure and general integrity in well-being of the population in mind.

    a.  This Humane Standard Imperative in prevention of cruelty to animals is particularly to note and to specify in this era in moral judgment against all torment to research animals of industrial toxicity research and inhumane medical research occurring, to be strongly denounced in the timely censure concerning the plight and suffering of these animals.

    b.  And is as well to state for a condition of benevolent care to be provided to this Nation's livestock and particularly in regard to those animals destined for slaughter, that they be treated respectfully, and is to contain an agreement with The Congress for the perpetual sheltering of a certain portion of our domestic farm livestock species from slaughter in The National Interest, that is to be carried out and conducted through the auspices of The U.S. Department of Agriculture in gesture of Benevolent Agrarian Subsidized Husbandry provided.
    c.  The Humane Rights Resolution is also to set aside lands to be made available for game and wildlife sanctuary arrangement throughout The United States and especially concerning the establishment of perpetual refuge wilderness sanctuary areas for endangered species to flourish under government management in mandate on into the enduring future of The United States of America.

    d.  And from all other manner of cruelty in inhumane treatment are the animals of This Nation to be so permanently cared for and afforded our enduring protection, shelter, and safe-keeping, by Humane Decree.

    9.  The Seventh Amendment defining, Civil Law, is hereby clarified of its ambiguity of Rights, pursuant to the wording of The Ninth Amendment retaining All Rights of The Constitution to the people, in that All Rights of Due Process of Law inherent to the workings of The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments to The U. S. Constitution are to be accorded the same foundation of legal integrity concerning the framework of Civil Law in insurance of safeguard for The Rights of The People as they pertain for their Civil Liberties.  In Specification:

    a.  That anyone duly acquitted and found innocent of a crime under the statutes of Penal Law cannot therefore under any circumstances be retried for the same crime under Civil Law, (or to be twice tried for the same crime under Federal Jurisdiction,) in accordance with The Rights of The Fifth Amendment.

    b.  The Fifth Amendment stipulation that no person: "shall be compelled in any criminal case to be witness against himself," is hereby clarified to stipulate for and to include for any non-criminal Civil Law matters as they pertain to self-incrimination, and as well is to extend and to guarantee The Right Against Self Incrimination to persons from being compelled to so testify against themselves, in penalty of monetary fine or incarceration, before convened Congressional Committee Hearings and Grand Jury proceedings, and is to preclude inquiries in mandatory disclosure in direct questioning of self-incrimination testimony, to the aspect of the questioning itself, in all regard whether Penal or Civil, Congressional Committee, or by Congressional Authority of Government Agencies.

    c.  That The Medical Terminology Technicality of Mental Hygiene Psychiatric Law that falls under the heading of Civil Law, Two Physician Consent, 2PC, Commitment Procedure, on Medical Grounds, in that no crime has been committed under Mental Hygiene Law to be charged for and thereby to be accorded the protective safeguards of Miranda Rights Legislation to be prosecuted for and processed fairly for under The Constitutional Rights accorded to Criminal Penal Law Legal System under the protection in Rights To The People, of The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments to The U.S. Constitution, and reinforce by the protection of The Miranda Legislation, is hereby clarified of Its Civil Law Constitutional Rights, in meaning to have the same Rights of Due Process as are and have been established under Penal Law, in guarantee to the people of:

         The Right to have a clear definition of a Formal Psychiatric Charge being present in grounds for anyone to be labeled for and to have any specified medical psychiatric condition, or for the offense of irrational behavior labeling being levied against an individual, and in grounds thereby for any psychiatric evaluation process mental illness labeling to be attached to anyone, or for any process of Two Physician Consent, 2PC, Psychiatric Commitment Procedure to be conducted.  And that such definition of charge is also to precede any Court or Government Agency Order for the disclosure of personal and private psychiatric history records to be produced.

         The Right to The Fourth Amendment guarantee of privacy in regard of doctor patient confidentiality and invoking to The Due Process Right of Probable and Sufficient Cause In Grounds, is to be present and justified to a specific itemized search and disclosure in mandatory request for Specific Information only of any existing psychiatric history records, regarding The Rights of Government Agencies, as for the specified psychiatric history to be scrutinized, to any private request or public government agency order for, or court authority mandatory order for the scrutiny of anyone's psychiatric medical history records to be revealed.  That is not to be construed by court order or by congressional authority concerning government agencies, to be a total and all intrusive invasive invasion of an individual‘s records history involving The Right To Privacy, but is to be issued only as order for records disclosure pertains selectively and relevant to the specified psychiatric charge of inquiry at hand.

         The Right to strict legal definition for any psychiatric labeling terms to be applied to anyone.

         The Right to strict legal determinations based to demonstrated facts of observed and defined behavior, in the presence of any attorney for such alleged psychiatric labeling being attributed in legal attachment of a psychiatric condition or involving psychiatric incarceration to anyone to be valid.

         The Right to Counsel, to be provided for at government expense if need be, by The Examining Government Agency or by The Court of Jurisdiction, for any alleged psychiatric matter of consequence being attributed to anyone, involving the loss of liberty, property, licensure, employment, or privilege.

         The Right to have an Attorney present during questioning to any psychiatric examination/evaluation/interrogation, and to be present during psychiatric commitment processing and to any court proceedings.

         The Right to Remain Silent in presumption of innocence until proven guilty to any psychiatric charge in a bona fide court of law.

         The Right to Confrontations of any accusing testimony against the accused in virtue of The Sixth Amendment.

         The Right to a Jury Trial provided in a timely way in accordance with The Sixth Amendment for any specified psychiatric accusation labeling being imposed, whether involving commitment or not.

         The Right to clearly established and legally defined medically safe and beneficial therapeutic treatment to be imposed for legitimate psychiatric conditions.

         The Right to Informed Consent in the presence of legal counsel concerning the discussion and patient awareness of adverse effects, reactions, and harmful side effects in short and long-term use of psychiatric chemicals involved with any psychiatric treatment to occur.

          The Right To Refuse Treatment, and Against Forced Treatment on Medical Discretion, in the presence of legal counsel, except in matters As Prescribed By Law to be applied for necessary medical emergency procedure in concern to imminent crisis of hysteria, and for violent and disruptive behavior in being in threat to oneself or others requiring emergency medical treatment in judgment.

         The Right against any form, including psychological, of cruel and inhumane treatment to occur, concerning physical, mental, or emotional abuse, to include electro-shock treatment, surgical procedure, and pharmaceutical experimentation, in virtue of The Eighth Amendment.

         The Right to reasonable and soundly defined Statute of Limitations in established Legal Age Limits for the mandatory disclosure of previous psychiatric condition labeling history records, or to the disclosure of legally carried-out psychiatric commitment history records, based to the nature and severity and to the extent of such psychiatric conditions in legal stipulation and to the length of time of such conditions in interval, to be imposed for mandatory disclosure of records, not to be in excess of a reasonable and prudent time interval regarding the public removal of stigma and liability of such records history; which in most instances is to be worded, to any current treatment for any serious ongoing psychiatric condition, or to within the past three years in age limit concerning The Public Record.


    d.  A Uniform Statute of Age Limits pertaining for employment application concerns and to government licensing matters is also to be instated for The History of Criminal Arrests and Convictions Records conveyed under Penal Law depending to the severity and nature of the crimes committed and not to exceed The Statute of Limitation for any crime or offense, if any.  Infractions and Violations are to be absolved from the public record in three years, misdemeanors in five years, and most felony records after a span of ten years, depending on the nature in severity of offense not stipulated for to a greater time interval by a Court Of Law.


    e.  It is also worded that no person shall be infringed upon or denied their Vested Right To Voting Citizenship in The United States due to conviction of a Felony Offense after said offense is duly discharged and the person is free and clear of any probation or parole.

         And in all regard that it is the inherent nature of this Nation in standard of integrity and in principle of fair and humane conscience not to discriminate against any persons and to prevent any such discrimination from occurring.  Which extends as well to the prevention of needless discrimination in bias of prejudice occurring to anyone on account of their prior criminal conviction or psychiatric history in this Nation, as it is deemed reasonable and prudent to dissolve these matters.  

         And that each person is to have The Right to a Self-Fulfilled Destiny instilled in the reverent promise of hope in opportunity of success and of healing recovery from stigma, and to the actualization of their highest potentials among the population of The United States to the outlook of being deemed and classified as good, solid, useful, and productive citizens in the eyes of society, and in the spirit of good will, without the infringement of bias, discrimination, and alienating prejudice of social stigma and concerning the hardship of sanctions to such records history being permanently attached to anyone in constant reminder of being negatively classified in downgrade of second class inferior citizenship, to be conceived in permanent ruin to their lives, as to stigma of social embarrassment, and with critical jeopardy of their livelihood and well-being affected, being imposed upon them.


    10.  In concern to the critical imperative of National Agricultural Self-sufficiency at issue, of producing and maintaining the capabilities to produce domestically grown commodities in life support to The Nation, and precluding The Nation's dependency on foreign agricultural markets in homeland security, and in the moral interests of National Conscience regarding the financial integrity and survival of America's Family Farms, and in fiscal contingency to be covered and provided for by The Amendment for Special Fiat Issue Full Faith Certificate Monetary Issuance, as needed:  be it resolved that all United States Basic Agricultural Interests are henceforth to be protected from unfair foreign market competition and afforded in ample guarantee of immediate and sustained economic relief priority of financial subsidy assistance to cover all adverse hardship requirements occurring to our U.S. Domestic Farmers, to specify for U.S. Department of Agriculture soil management crop rotation necessities and overproduction quota restrictions, crop failure due to adverse weather conditions and pestilence, natural disaster relief, and to assure healthy price supports in ample fair market value financial income for their crops, of survival issue to farmers.

    a.    These subsidy measures are further to be bolstered in securing our United States Agriculture Interests through the imposing of appropriate outright restrictions on foreign commodities trade and combined with stringent U.S. Tariffs on poaching foreign commodities imports in unfair cheap labor competition with domestically grown crops in protection from undermining foreign markets abroad.

    b. Furthermore it is also to be acknowledged that such measures of subsidized support to our U.S. Domestic Farm Industry, is as well to be used in expressed purpose to provide in a fair and appropriate way for the conduct of America's Necessary Agricultural Employment, regarding Fair Wages, Benefits, and Working Conditions, to be provided to America‘s Farm Workers, to be conducted under the established U.S. Government Standard Wage Rates and to adhere with other formally established rules of conduct in legal guidelines enacted under The Fair Wage and Benefits Amendment with regard to working conditions for farm employment to provide critical support to America‘s hard working and industrious farm labor, and with special concern to the migrant workers hardships they endure in domestic care and support to their families regarding the quality in standards of their housing and to the special education needs of their children ensured.  And withal upon whom that this Nation depends to for its food supply, to ensure for the provisions of adequate financial compensation and ample health and educational benefits resources available in exchange for the vital services to The Nation of these workers.

    It is further to be noted in wording, that these matters here discussing the environment which are being spoken for are held in the highest trust and in the utmost regard of scrupulous intent of The Nation to be managed for and conducted properly of accounts, and are to be correctly approached into the future in mature fashion reasoned forth as an enlightened society to be responsible for the ultimate concern to the survival in absolute dependency to the environment and ecology of The Earth, and that need to be safeguarded with integrity by a just government and as a conscientious people of formation and with dedicated zeal of devotion to the highest ideals inherent to the foundation of The United States of America. 

    Love is stronger than hate; faith really is more valid than cynicism. Non-violence really is more powerful than brute force… The question for us is – do we dare to believe it? Do we dare to try it?

    What do you hope to be remembered for after you leave office?  I truly hope to be held in admiration as the savior of the people of this nation and the environment through my staunch determination to instill proper attitudes among the people and to inculcate our Legislative Processes with Right Reason to completely overhaul the archaic façade of the present American Economy and The American People suffering in subjection to it by appealing to the reasoning process in our government to undertake such a project.

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