Sleeping fan sues ESPN announcers

Fan claims "unending verbal crusade" against him while he was 'napping' at game


BRONX, NY. – A Yankees fan has filed a $10 million lawsuit against two ESPN announcers contending they mocked him when he was caught on national television sleeping in his seat during a game at Yankee Stadium.

26-year-old Andrew Robert Rector admits in court documents he "napped" during a game against the Boston Red Sox on April 13, but says commentators Dan Shulman and John Kruk unleashed an "avalanche of disparaging words" against him. The suit says they used words like "fatty" and "stupid."

Rector fell asleep during the fourth inning and during that time, the commentators said, "this guy's oblivious to how good it is... This is not the place you come to sleep."

Rector takes issue with what he calls a quote "unending verbal crusade" by the announcers.

He said he suffered "substantial injury" to his "character and reputation" and "mental anguish, loss of future income and loss of earning capacity."

The lawsuit filed in Bronx Supreme Court Thursday also names ESPN, Major League Baseball and the Yankees as defendants. They have not yet commented on the lawsuit.

Many people have said it's a little bit ridiculous and that he shouldn't take the remarks so personally.

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