Big rig carrying fungicide overturns


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A tractor-trailer overturned on Heckscher Drive on the Northside on Wednesday afternoon.

The truck was carrying a solid form fungicide, called Manzate. The fungicide is a Class 9 hazardous material, which is the least serious type of hazardous material.

In the container, the fungicide is shrink-wrapped onto pallets, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. The container was not opened and no material spilled onto the roadway or surrounding areas.

The Jacksonville Fire-Rescue Hazmat team was called to the scene at New Berlin Road about 5 p.m. but left shortly after. JSO said there is no hazardous risk from the container to the public.

The trucker, who had just left Blount Island, had pulled over to off-load some of the product and the truck went over on the soft shoulder.

No one was injured, JSO said.