Photographer chronicles dog's last day alive

Dukey put down after his cancer returned, but not before making

(Robyn Arouty via robynarouty.com)

A photographer has captured hearts around the world with her photos of a dog's last day alive.

Jordan Roberts asked her friend, photographer Robyn Arouty, to document her three-legged dog Dukey's final day on Earth before he was put to sleep last week.

An animal lover, Arouty agreed, and her pictures of Dukey eating hamburgers, running through the water at a playground and spending time with friends and family have since gone viral and made headlines globally.

Dukey, who was around 8 years old, was suffering from a return bout of cancer. He lost his leg the first time after doctors determined the tumor was too big to remove.

"I died today," a blog post written from Dukey's perspective noted on Arouty's website, which went down for a while due to the influx of traffic   "And I ate a lot of hamburgers."

The post was reprinted on Buzzfeed.

"Dukey's story has created this beautiful forum for people to share stories of their beloved pets who have passed away," Arouty told Yahoo Shine. "We read so many comments over the first 48 hours after the story was posted, but with all the sharing and feature stories, it's been beyond anything we ever could have imagined."