Red Cross assists Jacksonville family after fire

JFRD: Fire started in bedroom and went into attic


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Northwest Jacksonville family cannot live in its home after fire heavily damaged the house Friday night.

Fire ripped through the home on Bunker Hill Boulevard just before 6 p.m. Friday.

The Red Cross told News4Jax that the organization is now assisting the six children and two adults who lived in the home with food and a hotel until Monday.

"We was in the room. Me and my baby was laying in the bed, and just seen the fire. Don't know how it started, or whatever, then it just engulfed," said the woman who lived in the home.

The woman asked News4Jax not to show her face or reveal her name, but she did say she did everything she could to stop her family's home from burning. The woman said she and her family lost everything they had in the fire.

"Everything, my kids' school clothes, my baby's milk, my wallet, everything," said the woman.

The fire marshal told News4Jax that the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but that it started in the front bedroom of the home. Everyone inside was able to get out without being injured.

"The engine companies, they basically all three arrived on scene pretty close to the same time," said Chief Jason H. Tidwell. "They confined the fire to the original room of origin. Some of the fire did get into the attic, but they immediately pulled the ceilings and knocked it down."

The family told News4Jax that they're thankful everyone is okay, and are now aiming at starting over.

Fire officials said they do not suspect foul play and said it could be a while before they determine how the fire started.

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