Buckman Bridge victim's family speaks

William Maddox, 48, leaves behind 3 children


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Family members of the man who died after his pickup was knocked off the Buckman Bridge spoke to News4Jax on Sunday.

William Maddox, 48, leaves behind three children and a large extended family.

Relatives said they haven't stopped crying since they heard the news.

Maddox's sister Mary Amos said everyone called him Bill and he lived in Jacksonville. She said he was a wonderful person with a caring personality.

"It's going to take a long time. Everything we do, something somebody says, we're going to think about him saying something crazy or doing something funny. Every time we get together and do something as a family, we're going to be looking to see where he's at. It's going to be really hard," Amos said.

Amos also expressed a lot of concern about the safety of the Buckman Bridge.

Maddox's brother and brother-in-law said they want to see the barriers raised so this type of accident doesn't happen to someone else.

"There's been several deaths on that bridge, and a lot of accidents. Matter of fact, there was another accident on that bridge yesterday."
"It's enough dying on this bridge, enough accidents on that bridge and you really need to do something about it or shut it down," Amos said.

"We are going to fight. Yes we are. We're not only fighting for our family, but we fighting for somebody else so it doesn't happen to the next family. It's not about the money, it's about the safety for other peoples family," said Albert Arenas, Maddox's brother-in-law

Arenas tells News4Jax that the family has hired a lawyer and will mostly likely take legal action.