What makes you "So Duval"?

#I'mSoDuval trending online


If you've been on social media lately, you've probably seen the hashtag #I'mSoDuval.

People across Jacksonville are taking a walk down memory and sharing their best Duval County memories... Including our anchors!

     Nikki Kimbleton says #I'mSoDuval I actually met coach leonard skinner. 

     Bruce Hamilton says #I'mSoDuval my first restaurant experience was at Beach Road Chicken.

     Jen Waugh say #I'mSoDuval I remember eating breakfast at Silver's restaurants at the beach and when Southside Blvd. was only two lanes.

     Tarik Minor says #I'mSoDuval I've got this "sides" thing down.  Shout out to the Northside, Westside, Southside and Beaches...DUVAL!

So today on our Facebook Page were asking what makes you "so Duval?"

Comment and let us know!  We'll share some of your best answers during the 9 o'clock hour of The Morning Show.