Boy, 4, banned from doughnut shop for 'rude comment'

Connecticut boy had asked another customer it she was pregnant


A 4-year-old boy has been banned from a doughnut shop in Connecticut after asking another customer if she's pregnant.

"It looked like she was pregnant and I asked her if she was pregnant," Justin Otero told Hartford TV station WFSB.

When he found out she wasn't, both Justin and his mother apologized.

"My response was 'Oh my goodness, I'm so embarrassed, I'm so sorry,'" Rebecca Denham told WFSB of the incident this past weekend at the Doughnut Inn in Monroe.

She said the woman was forgiving of Justin's mistake, but staff at the Doughnut Inn apparently were not.

When Denham and her son returned for another treat earlier this week, they were told "he's not allowed in here, he's rude."

Neither the manager nor the store's owner would comment on the incident.

"Some people, unfortunately, are quick to pass judgment, and therefore we will take our money and business elsewhere," Denham told WFSB.

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