Inspector corrects restaurant's dirty habits

Hygiene problems, temperature abuse and mold

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – This week, three restaurants didn't make the grade in our Restaurant Report Card. A couple were hit with high priority violations for hygiene problems and another was forced to throw out food.

Lee's Dragon, located on 5201 Baymeadows Road, was given 8 high priority violations last week.

The inspector found that one of the employees touched her hair and face, then went back to work without changing her gloves. Another employee was spotted touching cooked rice with his bare hands. Those employees were told to wash their hands immediately.

The inspector also found multiple cracked eggs in the same container as whole shell eggs in the cooler. The manager ended up throwing away all of the eggs in that container.

Osaka Japanese Steak House on 9651 Crosshill Boulevard, in the Oakleaf Town Center, also showed a dirty habit. The inspector saw an employee preparing sushi without washing his hands first. He was also cited for not wearing any gloves.

Then the inspector saw an employee place a ladle into shrimp sauce without properly washing it.

Another high priority violation was given when the inspector found out the restaurant wasn't marking the dates on stored sushi rice, shrimp and batter. Those issues were corrected during the inspection.

Lewey's Crab House and Soul Food Cafe, on 3980 Southside Boulevard, didn't make the cut during its inspection last week.

A stop sale was issued on several foods stored in the cooler due to, what the inspector called, temperature abuse.

The inspector also saw a cook serving chicken and fries without washing his hands. A build-up of a mold-like substance was found inside the ice machine.

The restaurant was required to have a follow-up inspection and the next day. Unfortunately the inspector saw some of the issues were not resolved and scheduled a second follow-up inspection, but said the violations were not an immediate threat to the public.

I also paid a visit to Mizu Japanese Steak House after it was forced to shut its doors last week when an inspector found a dozen roaches and about 100 ants and spiders throughout the restaurant.