'Dog days' of summer dangerous for dogs

Vet says hot cars can be deadly for dogs, just like kids


We're approaching the "dog days" of summer. But don't let the name fool you. This hot time of the year is dangerous for your pup.

Kansas State University veterinarian Susan Nelson said as the temperature rises, so does the risk of heat exhaustion and death.

Just like kids, a hot car can be deadly for dogs, so don't leave them in a car unattended.

Even going for a walk at this time of year can be dangerous.

If you notice your dog panting excessively and lagging behind, it's time to cool off.

"If you continue to push your dog and their internal temperature rises, they're going to get weaker, more wobbly," Nelson said. "They may start to seizure and at some point they're going to pass out. Those high temperatures will shut down the internal organs and so it will be fatal for the dog if they're allowed to overheat that much. You may get them to a veterinary clinic, but sometimes it's just too late to do anything about it."

Heat is especially dangerous for puppies and older dogs because they can't regulate their body temperature as well.

Also, keep a close eye on dogs with shorter snouts, like pugs and boxers because they already have a harder time breathing.