Women barely escape being hit by train

Security camera catches women 'running for their lives'


Two women are lucky to be alive after trying to outrun a train on a railroad bridge in Indiana.

A train's security camera caught two women running on the tracks in front of the train as it crossed over an a 80-foot high Indiana bridge in Bloomington, Indiana, reports WTHR.

Eric Powell with Indiana Railroad notes that in the footage it appears the subjects are "running for their lives" to avoid being hit by the train.

As the train sounded the horn several times and tried to stop, it passed over the women and they disappeared from the camera's view. The engineer thought they had been killed.

But after he passed over, he saw the two women crawl out from underneath the cars. They had laid flat between the tracks as the train passed over.

No one is allowed to walk on the train bridge, so the women will be prosecuted for trespassing.