Karen Foxman

Candidate for 7th Circuit Court Judge - Group 18

Age: 45

Family: Married 12 years to Matt Foxman; 4 year old son named Caden

Occupation: Attorney, currently employed as Director of Operations for Volusia County for State Attorney's Office, 7th Judicial Circuit

Education: BA, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; JD, Campbell University

Political Experience: None

What do you see as the top three issues in this race?

  • Honesty and integrity: Several honorable, experienced judges are retiring this year. With many new judges coming in, it is important to keep our court system as fair and impartial as possible. I have always held my integrity to be my most important asset, and I would carry that to the bench if elected.
  • Access to courtroom: With my experience in both prosecution and defense, combined with seven and a half years of civil experience, I know that litigants are frustrated with how long it takes to get hearing or trial time. Often, parties also have to wait even longer for a ruling. Such delays cost litigants and tex payers more hardship and money. My goal is to use my high level of courtroom and trial experience to efficiently move a docket, and to rule quickly and competently based on that experience.
  • Hear people out: I have represented victims, defendants, husbands, wives and children (pro bono), and I know many involved in litigation feel they never get the opportunity to speak or to be heard. If elected, I would prioritize giving people an opportunity to truly speak, and I would consider what parties have to say before rendering a ruling.

  • Campaign Website:  KarenFoxmanForJudge.com | Facebook