New workout studio targets fat loss


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The New York Times labeled it the number one workout in the country. Now, Orange Theory is open here in Jacksonville.
Orange Theory is a franchise based out of Ft Lauderdale. Their Jacksonville studio is the 100th store to open in the US and the people that go say it's the concept, a way to make sure you're burning fat, that has them hooked.

Mark McKnight goes to sessions five days a week. What's so interesting about that is that a few months ago, this is the last place she'd be. "Well actually my daughter asked me to come and then I tried and I decided to join." McKnight said. "I had never been to a gym in my life, ever."

After a couple of months at Orange Theory, she told us,"I have more energy and I've lost weight. I love it."

It's not an easy workout. It's an hour long and you do a mix of cardio and strength training. According to the trainers, what makes Orange Theory different is they way they make sure you're getting the very most out of your efforts. Donna Fenchell is the owner of the Jacksonville studio and she said, "Everybody works with a trainer, everybody wears a heart rate monitor and the trainer helps you make sure that your working in the perfect 'sweet spot.' You're not over working, your not under working. Your spending as much time as you need to in each of the zones."

Fenchell said 20 minutes in the 'orange zone' means you're metabolism will be fired up and burning for up to 36 hours after you leave.
In the short time they've been open, they have a lot of success stories. Chris Bell is just one of them. He told us, "I've lost 69 pounds since I started the program. I was 317 pounds. The first work out here I couldn't even run. I just did what I could though and I got through it."

Now Bell is training for a marathon and still dropping pounds. McKnight has also seeing life changes and she gives Orange Theory the credit. 

"When I started, I couldn't get on the floor and now I can. So, a lot of accomplishments. I'm raising a grand-daughter so I gotta be around a long time."

Close to 400 other Orange Theory studios are set to open in the U.S. this year. For more about the new studio, check out the website.