A roach, stop sale and temperature abuse

No emergency closures this week during restaurant inspections


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Checking the latest inspection reports, I found out that there were no emergency closures in Jacksonville last week. But there were some restaurants that missed the mark.

Jimmy Fu's, located at 9180 Merrill Road, received seven high-priority violations last week during a routine inspection.

According to the report, the inspector found a dead roach inside a container full of sugar on the storage shelf.

The restaurant was also cited for storing raw food next to cooked food; For example, the inspector found raw chicken was being stored over a box of herbs. A container of raw chicken was also found next to a container of shrimp.

Jimmy Fu's was given a warning for these violations. The inspector made a follow-up visit the next day and reported that the issues were corrected.

Ole Mexican Restaurant, at 9921 Atlantic Boulevard, was hit with nine high-priority violations.

The inspector noted in her report that she found small flying insects in the food prep area. She also saw an employee working with food, before washing his hands.

The restaurant was also cited for storing food at potentially hazardous temperatures that could make you sick. The manager voluntarily discarded cooked rice that was not stored at the right temperature.

The inspector did not request a follow-up inspection for those violations.

Hong Kong, located at 1301 Monument Road, received seven high-priority violations last week.

The restaurant was told not to use and toss out a can of baby corn and a can of soy sauce because both were dented and rusted, according to the inspection report.

The manager was also forced to throw out noodles, wontons, gravy, dumplings and pork due to, what the inspector called, temperature abuse.

The inspector also found heavy build-up of food debris on utensils used to serve food in bulk. The report also notes an excessive accumulation of black grease build up in the roaster.

The restaurant passed a follow-up inspection.