Report: Plane banked left, stalled before crashing

65-year-old killed in crash in Yulee last week


YULEE, Fla. – A small plane that crashed last week in Yulee, killing its 65-year-old pilot, was about 200 feet above ground level when it banked left, stalled and descended, according to a National Transportation and Safety Board preliminary report.

Charlie Yeagle died in the crash about 10 a.m. July 28. He was flying a Temco GC-1B, N1CY, which crashed into a swamp shortly after taking off from Flying-A-Ranch Airport.

The plane sustained substantial damage to the firewall and fuselage, according to the report. Investigators said no flight plan was filed for the personal flight.

A witness told investigators he saw the plane depart to the east and noted that the "engine RPMs were
low but steady," according to the report. He watched the plane bank left, stall and descend out of view.

The plane crashed into a marshy area about 0.2 nautical miles from the departure end of the runway.

A postaccident examination of the plane revealed that control continuity was confirmed to all flight control surfaces. Investigators said the main fuel tank was about three-quarters full and the auxiliary tank was nearly

Investigators will release their final report in the coming months.