Teacher Depot holds supply giveaway

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – The first day of school is right around the corner for Duval County and its not just the students and parents who have to get ready with supplies and whatnot, the teachers have to as well!

The teacher depot in Jacksonville is making that a little easier.

Today they are opening up the depot full of supplies donated by the community.
And teachers can go inside and get the supplies they need FOR FREE!!

This is the 19th year of this back to school event and the depot is expecting anywhere from 700 to 800 teachers to be here starting at 1pm that's when teachers get to go inside and get things for free instead of having to pay out of pocket like many teachers do.

Books, paper, folders, binders any kind of supply you can imagine will be ready for teachers get here they get a number when its called they get three bags and get to go inside.

There will be 200 teachers in at a time going through the 12 rooms here full of supplies and picking out what they need.

This is all made possible through donations from businesses they've received 50 pallets of supplies in the last 10 days. That's nearly double what they receive normally.

Volunteers have worked to make sure everything is organized and ready for the teachers who they say need and appreciate the supplies.

Particularly the more experienced teachers probably have a classroom full of stuff and it's not as much needed but the other ones," Chris Buckley from the Teacher Supply Depot said.

"The newer ones the ones who haven't been here as long or the ones that use a lot of consumables such as there are resource teachers they come and they it just means that they can be much more active and do those hands on interactive project oriented lessons that really engage the student in the classroom."

The event starts at 1pm and goes to 6pm.

While teachers wait for their number to be called there will be an expo set up outside with businesses here food music.