Mother remembers son who died after practice

Maria Wray: 'It was just a nightmare'

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Maria Wray said when she heard the news her 14-year-old son was dead, she thought it was a mistake.

"All of a sudden I found out ... it was just a nightmare ... it happened so fast," Wray said.

William Shogran Jr., a ninth-grader at Sebastian River High School in Indian River County, traveled with his football team to Camp Blanding on Tuesday for a camp.  During practice on Wednesday morning, he told his coaches he felt ill and was allowed to take a break.

After Shogran vomited, one of the coaches called 911.  Shogran died at Shands Hospital in Starke.

"It was a lot to handle," said Wray.

Wray said the boy's father is a Florida Highway Patrol trooper and was in Miami when he heard the news.

"I felt horrible because this poor man, he's probably going 100 mph trying to get where he needed to be," said Wray.

Shogran's pastor also spoke to News4Jax about the boy, saying he was very kind and had a good sense of humor.

"Just came across to me as a very honorable young man, had a heart for people, had a heart to do right thing," said Pastor Todd Thomas with Sebastian Christian Church.

Thomas spoke with Shogran's parents on Wednesday and plans to visit with them when they return to town.

"It's the church family coming alongside the Shogran family and just wrapping our arms of love and support and letting them know that they're not alone," said Thomas.

The football team returned to Sebastian River High School late Wednesday night and parents picked them up.  

The medical examiner in Alachua County will conduct an autopsy on Shogran to determine the cause of death.