Best ways to brand yourself online


It's all about connections these days, but when it comes to marketing yourself with social media, experts say sticking to just one professional outlet is the best way to go.

LinkedIn has become the go-to resource for building a professional profile, but there is a trick to getting noticed. First let them see your face. There should be nothing in the background to compete for attention. Then, tell them who you are and what experience you have. Include all your professional and education roles, along with dates in your experience section. Convey your successes, not your responsibilities. Everyone has responsibilities; it's what you accomplish that matters.

Remember that social means personal. While you should never use "I" on a resume, it's fine to speak in the first person on LinkedIn. Also, gain credibility with references. Skip the endorsements feature and post a solid well-written reference.

Remember that no matter what, always keep it as professional as possible, and don't forget to spellcheck.

Another thing: social means social gain credit by association. LinkedIn groups are prolific. In fact, you can be a member of 50 at a time. Each group has its own logo and can appear in the "groups" section of your profile. By joining, it can appear that you are professional and skill-set based.