Parents not happy about "structured recess"

Students required to participate in group activities


Connersville, Ind. – It's a new program called "structured recess." One district in Indiana is trying it out. In structured recess, the teacher will pick an activity for all the students to play. If the child doesn't want to take part - they get sent to the principal's office.

One mom made an online petition to try to end the program. She writes "Not every student wants to jump rope, play kick ball, basketball or whatever is the activity assigned. They should have free choice of how to spend their recess time! No two children are the same and we have students that have special needs or handicaps and are concessions being made for those children."

But Fayette County School Corporation Superintendent Dr. Russell Hodges says the program is to help students get engaged in staying active. 

"We are all concerned about students' health and physical activity so this is an opportunity for a structured process to make sure the kids are actively engaged," he said.