Rally held for Ferguson officer Darren Wilson

ST. LOUIS – Peace at his son's funeral. That's the message Michael Brown Senior had for the crowd gathered in St. Louis on Sunday.

News4Jax was there as Brown made a public appearance at Peace Fest 2014 in St. Louis, accompanied by his attorneys.

He met with Ron Davis, who traveled from Jacksonville to Ferguson to offer support to the family.

They also met with Tracy Martin, the father of Trayvon Martin, and others including Rev. Al Sharpton.

The two stood side by side on the stage asking for calm Monday, the day of his son Michael Brown Jr's. funeral.

The teen was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer more than two weeks ago.

Just miles away supporters of the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, Officer Darren Wilson, held a rally of their own.

Most of the protests we've seen in Ferguson have been in support of Michael Brown and his family.

This is the second rally supporters of officer Wilson held this weekend.

Every honk is encouragement to the people standing outside in 90 degree temperatures in support of Officer Darren Wilson.

Richard Boyd is a former St. Louis Police Officer. He drove more than 50 miles to buy a T-shirt then decided to stay.

"What difference do you think it makes why is it so important for you to be here? For that there's two sides to a story and I hope that people can realize he's not guilty until he's proven guilty," Boyd said.

It's the common thread for most everyone I spoke with here including Erica.
Her husband is a St. Louis police officer.

"I'm not supporting Daren Wilson in saying that he is absolutely infallible I don't think any human being is absolutely infallible but until the evidence really comes out I don't see the point in being hateful and hurtful to one group or the other. 45 and I support the family of Michael Brown I think that it was a horrible travesty what happened but at the same time officer Wilson is a human being and until the evidence comes out until everybody knows what happened he deserves some support too," she said

She says it's unfortunate that certain groups are making Michael Browns death about race.

"If you remove the fact that Michael brown was a black person and the officer was a white person if you completely remove those two pieces then what it comes down to is an officer may or may not have been defending himself in the line of duty the kid may or may not have been attacking an officer but what it really comes down to is it's just two people the way he was trained and the best way he could," Erica said.

For Robin Clearmountain, a law enforcement officer and the only African American at the rally, race did play a factor as she thought about whether or not to come out.

"I didn't know what to expect like would the white folks welcome me of not and you know would the black people the people who are brown like me call me a sellout or whatever I just didn't know," Clearmountain said.

Clearmountain walked up to cars, collecting donations for Officer Wilson and his family.

"Why step out and make that much effort to get money for the family? Because I love them. They love me I love them. The officer I don't even know him. I don't have to. Because I know who he is and what he does. 22 and I know what he does for me. 24 you know that song I'm still standing? I'm still standing because of what they do. That's why I'm here," Clearmountain said.

Now Officer Wilson's supports wait for details in the investigation they continue to raise money online for him and his family.