Shirley Diaz-Basel

Candidate for Putnam County School Board District 5

Age: 47

Family: Keith Basel - husband of 25 years; Cassandra Basel, 24 years old - served US Navy, currently attending college; Keith Basel Jr., 22 years old - electrician;
Abigail Basel, 7 years old - attends elementary school; Austin Basel, 27 years old - served US Army, is a veteran of the Iraq war.

Occupation: Currently working as Putnam County Schools' Detention Facilitator

Education: Attended Kirk Patrick Police Academy; attended St. Johns College
Political Experience: None
What do you see as the top three issues in this race?

  • The need for Vocational Technical programs in the outline areas of Putnam County.
  • Discipline
  • Placing our priorities and resources into the classrooms first.

(Candidate added two more: attendance, parent involvement)
Campaign Website: None | Facebook