Accusations made against city's animal shelter unfounded


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Allegations from an anonymous whistleblower that the city's Animal Care and Protective Services was killing animals that should still be alive were unfounded, the city said Tuesday.

Following an internal investigation, the Mayor's Office issued this statement:

"Following an extensive review by Employee Services, the allegations were determined to be unfounded. The matter is closed after the investigation was concluded on August 15."

An anonymous email claimed pet vaccinations were backed up weeks behind schedule.

It also said, "Our numbers are not posted for all to see as is required by state statute (SS 823.15), we lie about the reasons dogs get euthanized, we call them sick or aggressive when they're really not, all in an effort to make the 'no-kill' dream look good. We turn tax payers away at the door."

The emailer wrapped up four pages of accusations with this statement: "In short, what goes on at ACPS with management and their favorite employees is ridiculous, unfair to everyone and may be illegal in some circumstances.

"The service provided the tax payers is not what is required by law, violates our own ordinances, and contains falsehoods. I think the tax payers of Jacksonville deserve more for their investments than to be treated that way. "