Binion Williams makes 490th blood donation, exceeds 100 gallons

First Northeast Florida man to reach 100 gallon mark


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Blood Alliance is congratulating its first northeast Florida 100 gallon blood donor. Binion Williams, 72, reached his 100th gallon milestone mark on August 12 but didn't want to stop there. He has returned to the Alliance to make his 490th donation.

To many, saving someones life can be seen as heroic. With 48 gallons of blood saving almost 1,000 lives, Jacksonville native, Binion Williams, has saved more than 2,000 by donating more than 100 gallons of of blood during his lifetime.

Binion Williams gave his first pint while serving in the U.S. Navy in Jacksonville, Florida back in 1961. Since that day he continued to give blood 489 times in the city of Jacksonville. This makes him the only 100-gallon donor in Northeast Florida to have given all his blood to Northeast Florida patients in need.

"You have people who need it every hour of every day. If you've never thought about it, try it at least once…it's very gratifying!" said Williams. "You also cover yourself and your family through a Recipients Benefits Program which is always helpful especially when you're able to save money at a time of financial stress if you're being treated in a hospital. Giving blood means you're able to help your own family "after the fact" with something you've already done, and if that also means you can help them financially save some – that's always a bonus!"

Williams will continue to donate, and even donated for the 490th time Tuesday at The Blood Alliance in Orange Park on Kingsley Avenue.