Family captures unpleasant encounter at school bus stop


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A foul-mouthed encounter at a Mandarin bus stop was caught on camera Tuesday morning.

Jesse Armstrong shot a video on his cellphone that shows a woman cussing at him as he drops off his 5-year-old cousin at a bus stop on Marbon Road.

Carole Gonzales, Armstrong's cousin, dropped her daughter, Anahi, off at the bus stop the first week of school and had an unpleasant encounter with the woman because of where she parked to wait for the bus. After that, Armstrong started going with Gonzales to the bus stop.

Armstrong said they park the car up on the side of Marbon Road, the grass in front of a gated community, a gated community. They wait there for about 10 minutes before the bus comes with Anahi and her 2-year-old sister in the car.

But their choice of parking spaces has one resident's tempers flaring.

They recorded the latest encounter.

"Are you videotaping fatty?" the woman asks Gonzales at one point.

"Come right now. I'll shove a gun up you a**," she says to Armstrong.

"I'm more scared for her safety and the two children, especially the little one," Armstrong said. "She cries really hard when she starts hearing her yell and stuff."

Gonzales said she's called the school and the bus yard about the problem, and she said both told her she's allowed to park there.

Armstrong said during one encounter with the woman two other parents at the bus stop walked Anahi to the car and the woman started yelling at them, too.

"The lady was screaming at the other two parents that they're gay and they're fat a**** and stuff like that, which is really rude," Armstrong said. "And like the parents said, there is no reason to say this in front of little children."

Armstrong said there's a ditch on the other side of the street, and he could park up the street and walk, but temperatures have been close to 100 degrees.

Gonzales said after several foul-mouthed run-ins with the same woman and seeing her become aggressive with other parents parking nearby, something has to change and fast.

"(My daughter is) asking me what these nasty words mean, and I don't know how to explain that, and you shouldn't have to explain these nasty words to a 5-year-old," Gonzales said.

Because it was after hours, the school district was not available for comment. News4Jax attempted to speak with officials at Cormorant Landing for their side of the story, but we were told to leave the property and that they had no comment.