Commission won't appeal judge's decision on superintendent issue


CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – The Clay County Commission has unanimously voted not to appeal a judge's decision to place on the November ballot a question before voters about whether the school district superintendent should be elected or appointed.

The judge sided with the Clay County School Board on Tuesday, saying the issue can be on this year's ballot, not 2016's.

The deadline to get the question on the November ballot is Friday.

"I'm pleased with the decision, but I'm disappointed that it took a judge to instruct our commissioners to do their jobs and follow the law," Clay County School Board member Janice Kerekes said. "I'm pleased that the citizens of Clay County will get to vote on this, because that's what this is about. It's their choice. Do we want an elected or appointed superintendent?"

"I'm very pleased that they agreed to follow the judge's instructions," School Board member Carol Studdard said. "Hopefully now we can get back to educating our kids."

During the meeting, Commissioner Ronnie Robinson agreed to accept the judge's ruling, but said he did it under protest. He said he's disappointed with the ruling, but has to obey the law.

The issue had been dogged by controversy since the beginning.

Earlier this month, the School Board voted to put that issue to the voters, on this November's ballot. But soon after, the Clay County Commission overruled that decision, opting instead to push the vote back to the 2016 election.

The School Board later fired back with a lawsuit against the commission. That suit was heard Tuesday, when the judge ruled.