Graffiti artist strikes 3 Jacksonville Beach businesses

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – A popular bakery in Jacksonville Beach was one of at least three businesses spray-painted by a vandal Sunday morning, the owner said.

Cinotti's Bakery and Sandwich Shop, a dance studio next door, and a grocery store truck across the street on Penman Road were sprayed with graffiti.

Residents in the community said they're seeing the graffiti artist's "work" all over the area now.

"With the building the size it is, definitely going to be very pricey to have to repaint the whole thing," said Michelle Cinotti Vining, the bakery's owner. "It is white on burgundy paint, so it is pretty noticeable. Definitely something we have to do pretty quickly. The bandana-wearing punk tagged the awning, the roof and the wall."

"I think it's a fox," Cinotti Vining added. "Maybe a wolf? I'm not really sure. He's not a good artist."

Suveillance video shows the vandal.

"The cameras up on the building are pretty good," said Patty Harrison, manager of Nancy Dance Studio.

Harrison's cameras caught the vandal from start to finish. He climbed up the studio's steps and then leaped onto the front of the building to leave his mark.

"He is on the whole front of my building," Harrison said. "God knows what it is he has put up there and what it says. Only graffiti people can understand what it says. Very frustrating. It is money. It is cost. I don't have time for that kind of stuff."

The owner of Terry's Country Store has already painted over some of the vandal's marks.

"A lot of us just want to know why. Why did you pick us?" Cinotti Vining said. "And then you might want to stay gone for a little while because you are going to get caught."

The business owners said they are keeping an eye out for the vandal and anyone else acting suspicious. If you have any information, call the Jacksonville Beach Police Department.