Family, friends remember teen killed

Tyriq Grant, 15, killed after car hit utility pole

Tyriq Grant
Tyriq Grant

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A vigil was held Thursday night for Tyriq Grant, 15, who was killed last week after the car he was riding in hit a utility pole. That accident happened on Old Middleburg Road near Memorial Park Road. Police said the car was leaving the scene of an accident near Lane and Lenox.

Grant's mother told News4Jax the teenager had skipped class that day. Her mission now is to send a message to young people and prevent future tragedies.

His family said it all still feels like a bad dream. They said Grant got on the bus to go to Ed White High School, but from there, they don't know what happened exactly.

"I wish he listened to me that day, I wish he listened to me," said Shelvonya Stokes, Grant's mother.

Stokes broke down as she talked about the death of her son.

"Like I said, that morning when he got on the bus, I thought my son was going to school," Stokes said. "I don't know what happened once he got off that bus. I don't know where it went wrong."

Stokes told News4Jax her son went to school but made a bad choice when he skipped class. Hours later she said got the news of the accident.

At the scene where it happened, family and friends gathered to pay respects to the young teen. Their message to young people was to listen to your parents and hold on to their lessons.

"They're trying to get you, to keep this from happening, and you have to look at the consequences," said Zerelda James, Grant's aunt. "The actions that you do not only affects you but the people around you."

Grant's family described him as a typical teen. They said he was quiet at home but was the class clown at school.

As they continue to grieve, his family members said their faith is what's getting them through.

"That's what's keeping me strong right now is the Lord," Stokes said. "And family and friends. The Lord is good no matter what happens. I still love the Lord and I thank the Lord."

Stokes said she hasn't heard about the conditions of any of the others involved in the accident, but prays they're doing well.

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