Six-foot boa found at Burger King

Boa Constrictor captured by police, animal control


East Moline, IL (WQAD) – Customers got a whopper of a surprise when they spotted a six-foot-long snake at an East Moline Burger King.

Workers at the fast food restaurant expected something small and manageable when customers notified them that there was a snake outside around 1 p.m. Wednesday, September 3, 2014. What they found was a six-foot-long Boa Constrictor.

While assistant manager Lexi Johnson contacted authorities, a couple of employees stayed with the snake, "taming it with a broomstick," to make sure it didn't slither away.

Johnson said customers were in awe of the massive snake, stopping to take pictures.

"We had a little car traffic here just because everyone wanted to stop and look at the snake," Johnson said.

Police and animal control workers arrived and captured the snake. They are now working to find it a home.

If the snake has an owner, that person is asked to contact the East Moline Police Department at 309-752-1545.