Church vandalized members clean-up mess left behind

Human waste spread on doors, lights were broken

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Members of one local church are hoping police can find out who vandalized their building.

It happened at the United House of Prayer for All People on Beaver Street. Members say the vandalism won't stop their mission.

Pastor Alonzo Cunningham and his wife were greeted by human waste smeared on the front door as they arrived at the church Saturday morning.

"Just unbelievable. I mean you can recognize what it is from the parking lot it's unbelievable I couldn't imagine," said Cunningham.

It's not just the doors that were left damaged. Lights that usually guide churchgoers to service were broken and thrown on the roof. A BBQ grill was also stolen.

"I would hate to think it's something personal I would think someone would have some type of shortcoming mentally I don't know I don't know what it takes for someone to do something like this," said Cunningham.

Members came out to help the pastor clean up, saddened but hopeful the person behind the vandalism would be caught.

The United House of Prayer for All People has been in downtown Jacksonville for 17 years and members say they have never had anything like this happen before.

Clarence Taylor has been a member for all his life and says this is unexpected.

"I was always hoping it would never happen this way I see other churches things go through it thugs going on in church like this here but see this here let's me know you're not the only one," said Taylor.

Despite this setback this congregation said they'll move forward.

"I'm not the one to have vengeance The Lord will have vengeance. So my thing now is whoever did this The Lord will be accountable for it," said Cunningham.

The church is still planning to hold services this weekend.