Fla. lawmaker interviews for new FSU president job

Sen. John Thrasher makes his case as to why he deserves job


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida State University pressed on Tuesday in their search for a new president with day two of interviews. The lawmaker who has been bashed by students and faculty tried to make his case as to why he deserves the job.

Before interviews continued, a stern warning was handed down from the Florida State Presidential Search Committee.

"Your welcome is extended, provided you do nothing to interrupt this interview or distract this committee or the candidate in any way," said search committee chairman Ed Burr.

The search process has been dominated and sometimes delayed by outbursts from students and faculty questioning the qualifications of one man: GOP state Sen. John Thrasher. The lawmaker interviewed for the job Tuesday.

"If you select me or the board selects me, I will hit the ground running," said Thrasher. "I am ready to start."

Many of the people who have been protesting the lawmaker's candidacy throughout the process said after the interview nothing has changed.

Faculty union president Jennifer Proffitt said teachers are concerned other qualified candidates are still being overlooked.

"I think it is still a concern of faculty and students that the fix is still in," said Proffitt.

Graduate students didn't make a scene, but they still managed to pass out anti-Thrasher fliers.

"Clearly he's a man of contradictory words," said graduate assistant union member Lakey. "Today he said he was pro-tenure and his history has been anti-tenure."

The senator brushed off the backlash.

"I've heard from a lot of people who you don't hear from and these folks haven't heard from that are incredibly supportive of this," said Thrasher.

Five other candidates, including the current interim president of the school, were interviewed Tuesday.