New websites change how you shop


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Have you ever found a dress that you love but you didn't buy it because it was sleeveless, and you prefer to wear sleeves? Maybe it was too short when you like your dress to hit below the knee? If you like your clothes a certain way or are constantly getting things altered, you need to check out Eshakti.com

Eshakti allows you to order your item your way. Not only do they have a large selection of items, you can hange the sleeve length, the hem length and more. There is a small upcharge for this service and it will take a little longer to get your garment, but getting it exactly like you want can be worth the wait.

If you love shoes, you're likely going to spend hours on this next site just playing around. Shoesofprey.com let's you design your own shoes. Heels, flats, wedges, boots and other styles are available. The only limit to what you can create is your imagination. A lot of people use this to make shoes for special occassions, like weddings, or to match a specific dress. You can also order a shoe that someone else has already designed. It takes about four weeks to get the shoes and they are pricey. They average around $150 a pair and adding on embellishments, adds to the price.

Finally, if you wear a size 10 or larger, and you hate wearing the same thing twice, Gwynnie Bee is something you need to check out. You pay a monthly fee, depending on how many items you want to have at home at a time. For example, it's about $100 a month for five garments at a time. You select things you like and would like to wear, then they ship them to you. Wear them, and then you can either mail them back or buy the garment at a reduced price. The company pays for shipping and cleaning.