Council putting Uber service on notice


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Some City Council members are putting a high-tech taxi service on notice -- comply with local laws or face having its cars confiscated.

They're talking about UberX, a smartphone app that allows people to hire others for discounted taxi service.

Last year, the council gave Uber the go ahead to operate in Jacksonville, but now some are upset the company has brought in a second service, UberX, which allows the use of anyone to drive his or her own car as part of the service.

Council members put Uber on notice and say they are going to crack down.

"They came in and thumbed their nose at the city: 'We don't have to go through any inspection, no insurance, nothing,'" Councilman Stephen Joost said. "So how would you like to get in a car and it's raining like we had in the last few days, and there is no tread on the tire?"

Joost is introducing legislation that would allow police to confiscate the cars if they are stopped three times and found not to have insurance or been inspected by the city.

Local taxi and limousine operators say the company has an unfair advantage and the city needs to crack down before the busy Florida-Georgia game.

"It's not fair they are taking the business away from the legitimate operators by using personal vehicles," said Kate Crunk, of About Town Limousine.

Uber officials in Jacksonville have not responded for comment.

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