Words from Ron Davis, Father of Jordan Davis

WJXT Editorial by Vice President/General Manager Bob Ellis

Ron Davis
Ron Davis

The second Michael Dunn trial came to an end this week when a jury convicted Dunn of the first degree murder of Jordan Davis. We finally have closure on a tragic story that's dominated the headlines in our city for two years.

After the verdict, we hope you watched our live coverage of Jordan Davis' parents as they spoke of the support they received in Jacksonville in the aftermath of their terrible family tragedy. Ron Davis, Jordan Davis' father, talked about his pride for our city and praised the community for handling themselves as the trial's outcome, not once, but twice played out in public.

The inspiring public words from a man who never intended to say anything in public about fairness, looking at a person's character and not their skin color, and to look for the good in all people first should be listened to carefully.

Covering local news, we unfortunately cover many tragic events. But nearly every time, we learn in the face of tragedy there are positives. It's our hope that Mr. Davis' words about Jacksonville serving as a shining example to the rest of the world to stop discrimination will be remembered as the positive of this story now and in the years to come.