'Ballsy' man pushes giant testicle across US

Cancer survivor aims to raise awareness about testicular cancer


A man has been pushing a giant ball that looks like a testicle across America for a month to raise awareness for men's health.

Thomas Cantley quit his job and sold his house to push the six-foot testicle-looking ball from Los Angeles to New York City after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, according to his website, Ballpush.org.

Cantley's journey started on Sept. 3 and is being documented in a series of Instagram photos   under the name "mr.ballsy."

Two-thirds of the way through his Texas tour, he's traveled 1,680 miles. He plans to be in New York within the next couple of weeks.

His website says the entire campaign is funded by the "generosity of the people he meets along the way, whether they have a personal connection with cancer or simply believe in his cause.".