Man, 41, sentenced in cocaine conspiracy, money laundering


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A 41-year-old Jacksonville man has been sentenced to 14 years and seven months in federal prison on drug and money laundering charges, the United States Attorney's Office announced Monday.

Larry Andrews pleaded guilty in January 2013 to conspiracy to distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine and conspiracy to commit money laundering. The court also ordered Andrews to pay $98,000, which represents drug proceeds that he laundered through a Jacksonville nightclub.

According to court documents, Andrews, Isaiah Bynes, Deangelo Butler, and others participated in a cocaine trafficking conspiracy during which Bynes obtained between 3 and 15 kilograms of cocaine from sources in south Florida and transported the drugs to Andrews and Butler in Jacksonville.

Andrews and Butler received the multi-kilograms of cocaine at various places, including on the Eastside of Jacksonville, and at a dormitory style building that Bynes owned. Andrews and Butler maintained a room at that building to keep cocaine paraphernalia, which was used to process the kilograms of cocaine. Andrews sold the cocaine to kilogram level dealers in Jacksonville, primarily those living on the Eastside. 

Court documents reveal that Andrews was a long-time cocaine dealer on the Eastside, was involved in drug-related conflicts with other groups in the area, and has been shot on four separate occasions.

Andrews stopped selling cocaine in mid-2010 due to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office investigation. He invested $98,000 of drug money into a Gentlemen's Club that he financed, known as the Vivid Vixen's Nightclub.  At the end of each night, half of the cash generated at the club was delivered to Andrews. The club opened in late 2011 and has since closed.            

Andrews was the final individual sentenced in a series of cases related to this conspiracy. Previously, Bynes was sentenced to 14 years and seven months in federal prison, and Butler was sentenced to six years and three months in federal prison.