Sailors welcomed home in Navy homecoming

Hundreds of Navy families, friends gather at Mayport

MAYPORT, Fla. – Hundreds of Navy families and friends gathered Saturday morning to welcome home their sailors at Mayport.

The USS Philippine Sea returned to Mayport with the USS George H.W. Bush Task Strike Group that launched air strikes on ISIS positions in Syria.

Family members waited anxiously to see their loved ones arrive after their nine-month deployment. There were plenty of hugs, kisses and happy tears.

For one family, there was something else in store. Sailor Earl Mosely presented his girlfriend, Shelisee Webber, with flowers and an engagement ring. The couple will also be welcoming a baby in the near future.

For another sailor, it was his chance to meet the newest member of his family.

"I'm getting my husband home," said Tiffany Freeman. "He's coming home from deployment, he's been gone for nine months and I'm excited. He's never seen our house, he's never seen our dog. So I'm excited to get him home so he can see everything."

Freeman said it was weird at first when she learned her husband's mission was involved with ISIS, but said she's extremely proud of him and happy he made it home safely.