Coyote caught near Orlando Country Club in College Park

Trapper says at least 1 other larger coyote still on the loose


ORLANDO, Fla. – Trapline Animal Services has caught a young female coyote near the Orlando Country Club in College Park. The neighborhood has become ground zero for presumed coyote attacks on pets.

Neighbors said they've counted nearly 50 missing cats over the last few months.

A trapper said he knows at least one other larger coyote is still on the loose in the neighborhood near the intersection of Colonial and 441. It's why neighbors have put up warning signs.

Matt Lube, who's already lost a cat, is nervous. He said four months ago two of his cats -- Rosie and Tigger -- went missing. He used to leave their food outside, but said now he's bringing his other cats in at night.

"Me and my wife saw a coyote walk across the street a couple months ago at night when we were coming home and I've got young children," said Lube.

The coyote problem has gotten so bad, College Park neighbors met with state experts Thursday.

The state said it's too costly and ineffective to trap or shoot coyotes. Neighbors are left unsatisfied and on edge. Cats are easy prey.

"I should not have had to find my cat like that of nine years. Is that the best you all can do?" Katrina Gaines said at Thursday's meeting.