Results to be released in school choice study

5-year study with feedback from 1,000 parents and caregivers


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Public Education fund has results to a five year study that examined the different school choices students have in Duval County.

With charter schools, magnet programs, private schools and more, parents have several options to choose from for their child's education.

From which standardized tests are the best for our students to adding an extra hour at some schools, there have been a fair share of topics this year that have had parents talking. The Jacksonville Public Education Fund surveyed more than 1,000 parents and caregivers within the last five years about the several options of schooling their children have in Duval County and how parents make this decision.

Right now parents have hundreds of different school choices:

  • There are nearly 200 public schools in Duval County.
  • More than 30 of those are charter schools and more than 50 of those have magnet programs.
  • There's also more than 150 private schools in the county, giving parents and their kids several school options and those continue to expand.

The new research being released Monday by the Jacksonville Public Education Fund will provide information to help parents make this decision, by taking a closer look at the progress and impact of various school choice options.

First the results will show how parents choose. The research will also reveal where students go and how they perform. The report will also show how to make the system better for students and families and finally, it will provide advice for parents and caregivers.

President of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund Trey Csar said he feels confident this new research will provide parents with beneficial information for their families .

"Our hope with these results is that they help inform this complex structure we have around school choice. We hear a lot about the options available to young people and we hope to shed a light to parents and community members as to what those options are: the advantages and disadvantages, and also help systems in schools understand what are parents thinking about when they make a decision about whether to enroll their child," said Csar.

Those results are going to be announced at a press conference Monday at 10 a.m. The Jacksonville Public Education Fund is encouraging parents and members of the community to take an online webinar that will be available for anyone wanting to learn more about these results as well as others from previous studies.

For more information, visit its website at jaxpdf.org/schoolchoice.