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1 in 3 kids bullied about food allergies

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Research shows about one in three kids with food allergies are teased, harassed or bullied because of their food allergy.

Some of the most common foods that kids are allergic to include milk and eggs; everyday products that can be found everywhere.

A local allergist says a child having a food allergy is already difficult, but adding bullying causes even more problems for that child.

Most research suggests one out of every thirteen kids suffers from a food allergy. That's about two kids in every classroom.

250 kids with food allergies were surveyed and one third of them said they had been bullied.

Local allergist, Dr. Sunil Joshi said parents who have a child with a food allergy need to take control of the situation. He said that starts by making sure your child's teacher is aware.

"Let teachers know before the school year starts about their kids situation about the emergency meds that may be available, and about the risk of bullying so the teachers are on top of that. They have a lot of things to worry about and until it's brought to their attention< they may not even know its happening," said Johsi.

He said it's also important for all schools to have epinephrine available in the case of an emergency.

There's a food allergy walk this weekend in Ponte Vedra. The non profit FARE, or food allergy and research education, is hoping to raise awareness about food allergies in kids. It's this Saturday at 9 a.m. in Nocatee park.

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