Plane crashes into home in Chicago

Homeowners unharmed, search for pilot


CHICAGO, Il. – Fire officials in Chicago tell local news outlets they are still searching for the pilot of a small, single-engine cargo plane that crashed into a home on the city's southwest side early this morning.

Authorities say the crash happened after 2 a.m. Two elderly people were inside the house at the time, but a neighbor helped pull them out and they're okay.

Police said the pilot is still missing.

It's not clear how many people were inside the plane, but firefighters haven't been able to find anyone to assess their condition.

Police say the occupants of the home were not injured. A Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman tells the Chicago Sun-Times the pilot reported engine problems shortly after takeoff from Midway International Airport.

"Central 3-1...I'd like to come back and land. I'm having trouble with the left engine," the pilot said to Air Traffic Control over the radio.

"Roger. Either right or left traffic, your choice. Continue and let me know if you'd also like, you can make right traffic. You can also have 2-2 left," said the Air Traffic Controller.

"Going left traffic, Central," said the pilot.

Moments later, the pilot was unresponsive and the plane crashed.

"He went down. He didn't make it to the airfield," said the Air Traffic Controller.