Video shows deputy Tasing student at Central Fla. high school

Family of teen Tased says he has preexisting heart condition

PORT ORANGE, Fla. – A video posted on Instagram shows a fight at a Central Florida high school where a student was Tased by a school resource officer.

The family of Jason Tidman told WKMG-TV that Tidman went to the doctor Tuesday morning to see if he is OK after being Tased because of a preexisting heart condition.

Volusia County deputies said the fight occurred Monday in the school's atrium at the end of the day, starting as an argument but escalating to a physical fight between Tidman, 16, and a ninth-grader.

In the video, School Resource Officer Deputy Beth Fortin stepped in to the fight, Tasing Tidman. Fortin then got on top of Tidman and Tased him again, the video shows.

School officials said the school will be taking disciplinary action against the students in the fight.

Deputies said the students may be facing misdemeanor charges. It's not clear if Fortin will be facing disciplinary action, but WKMG-TV has learned that she has Tased a student at the high school before.

In 2013, deputies said Fortin Tased a special needs student for going after an assistant principal.